Saturday, September 7, 2013

A party with Chuck E!!

Today was Delaney's birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese!!
Leia was given some tokens and loved the rides and merry-go-round.

She ate pizza and cake with her bestie Harper!

Delaney didn't want anything to do with Chuck E. He came out just for her to sing and dance with her. The other kids enjoyed him..

Happy Birthday Delaney!!!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Imagination Ave

Leia and I joined Josalyn, Delaney and Harper today at Imagination Avenue.
Imagination Avenue Play Area
It took Leia a few minutes to warm up, she likes to watch the kids first.

She eventually got into it and then there was no stopping her!

She loved this Cozy Coop! and a popper vacuum (big shock!)

This place was VERY cool! It had a school, grocery, bakery, house, doctor, firehouse, dress up studio, puppet theater, slide, outer space, home depot, mailbox, road for all the "cars" and an area for smaller kids and it was all INSIDE!!
We might need to bring Daddy back here!
Thanks Josalyn, Delaney and Harper for coming with us!