Friday, October 29, 2010

Too cute to SPOOK

Halloween party at MY HOUSE!!!
Kids and adults welcome!

Landon and Bella waited patiently for the guests to arive! Finally, they came and cutie patooties they were!

There was a...

Ladybug -Sophia & Jeremy


a Strawberry -Delaney

Buzz Lightyear even showed up!!

The kids got to play in a bounce house!!

A pirate full of candy came.

But we had to beat it out of him!! -Vampiress -Kayley

Vampire -Jordan

Fairy -Keirstin

The kids also decorated pumpkins!!
Pirate -Kaytlyn & BatGirl -Kensley!

Some pretty cool "mummies" were there too!

Devil -Josalyn, 50's Chick -Jaymi, Bumble Bee- Mindy, Audrey Hepburn- Jayme

But who invited THIS GUY?!

Scary clown- Rob!

I know I had fun! Hope we can do it again next year!!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tolmachoff Farms

Today we went to the pumpkin patch like we do every year. Only this year we tried a new place (MUCH closer to home) and Aunt Stacey came with us!!

We also did lots of other fun activities... pet some goats (Landon was not a fan.)

"rode" a tracker

pumped some water

ground corn to feed the chicks

danced around in the corn

walked through a corn maze

rode bikes (not sure how this is farm related but he had fun)

And picked out a pumpkin!!

Look who else was there!!! (Of course!)

The Kammeyers!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The FREAKS come out at night!

Every year Sherri Clements holds her anual Halloween party. It's an adults only so NO KIDS ALLOWED! Every year the costums are kept a secret, so half the fun is showing up to see what everyone is dressed as...

Spencer & Lizeth -cops

**Oops. Missed their picture ={

Janie & Richard -fork & spoon

Janie Jay & Cori - masked couple

Sherri & Scott -witch & nun w/baby (every year Scott is dressed as a woman..)

Jaymi & Mark -Greasers

Lori & David - Adam & Eve

This year Nick & I took inspiration from the movies!

Me & Nick - Audrey Hepburn/Holly Golightly & Shower/Karate Kid

LEGO weekend!

At Toys R Us it is Bricktober! Today they had Bricktober 500! At participating Toys R Us stores you can build and Race a LEGO car for free!

Of course Landon and Nick HAD to go!

Landon built his LEGO car.

And then raced his car...


I have a feeling this will be a LEGO Christmas! Especially for Nick who seems more excited about the LEGOS than Landon!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Holly LEGOS Batman!

A new store opened in Arrowhead Mall today!!

I've known for almost a month about the store opening and have tried to keep it a secret from Nick! Josalyn ALMOST blew it once when she was telling her sister about it and Nick happened to be in the room! OOPS! But luckily he was not paying too close attention and I just brushed it off when he asked me about it later. YICKES! (to read about Josalyn & Jordan's experience at the LEGO store go here)

The day the store opened I took Nick and Landon to the mall and showed them their surprise! A new LEGO store with all the LEGOS you can imagine!

The LEGO model masters were there and were building an 8 foot Yoda! And we got to help!!

Nick and Landon had lots of fun looking at ALL the LEGOS! And was also an unexpected friend there too!

Woody is made from LEGOS!!
I have a feeling this will not only be the last time we enter this store but a LOT of money will probably be spent here!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Choo Choo, Chugga Chugga!!

Today we went to McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park is Scottsdale. Landon has always been a big fan of trains! He was very excited when we got to the park and rode on the train!

Landon, Jordan and Kierstin in the caboos

Josalyn's dad & step-mom were in town and we tagged along with them and their family. Nick had wanted to take Landon in the summer time but it was too hot and of course we ran out of time. But this weekend was good weather and it wasn't too hot (atleast not in the shade).

Landon and the kids also LOVED playing on the playgroud. For some reason instead of playing cops and robbers or cowboys and Indians they were playing zombie. Landon was the zombie and he was chasing Jordan & Kierstin. Whatev!

The kids had fun and since it was almost free, this is definitely another park we will be going to!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Lindsey's Bridal Shower

When I was 14 we lived next door to my best friend Jaymi. Her older sister Lori was married with one daughter (at the time) and happened to live one street up from us. Every weekend I babysat Lindsey for the afternoon while David & Lori ran errands and spent quality time together. At that time she was four years old and loved playing with her dolls, watching T.V. and LOVED macaroni and cheese! I always looked forward to the weekend and the time I spent watching and playing with Lindsey, and the money didn't hurt either ;}


Over the years she grew up, got taller, and at some point became a woman. She loved getting hand-me-down clothes from me that I no longer fit into, and everytime I saw her she loved gloating about how she was ALMOST as tall as me, AS tall as me, and soon after she WAS taller then me, (which is not hard to do -but she always got a kick out of it) VICTORY!!


This weekend was her bridal shower! It was a beautiful shower and I know that she'll make a beautiful bride! I'm very thankful that I was able to stay "in the family" to watch her grow up and now to start a family of her own.

Congradulations Lindsey!!!