Thursday, August 16, 2012

First Day of School

A couple days before the first day of school Landon had a Meet the Teacher Night.
We took more pictures around the school on Meet the Teacher Night since the first day would be busy and hectic.
Landon is starting Kindergarten at Concord Elementary in St Louis Missouri

He found his desk! And looked around his room exploring all the new things he would learn.

They also had ice cream for the kids in the cafeteria.
The next pitures are from Landon's actual first day.


Good luck Landon!!
***update***  We talked to Landon tonight and he said he had and AWESOME day at school!! He can't wait for Monday when he can ride the bus! Because he doesn't have to wear his seat belt!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Where the Wild Things Are

 We took a trip to St Louis for Landon's first day of school.
While we were there we visted the St Louis Zoo!

The best part of the St Louis Zoo is that it's FREE!! The Heuer's favorite word!

Landon has been there a million times so we let him be our guide.
We saw... 
(Leia liked watching the fish swim around)


And my personal favorite.. the
They had an exhibit with penguins outside
(outside penguins)
and an inside exhibit that was COLD with more penguins 
and poplins!!
They were very cute! Leia like looking at the penguins too!
We had a great time! And the weather wasn't too bad either!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Four months old

Leia you are FOUR months old!!!
Sleep: You are a very good sleeper. Most nights you will sleep for about 6-8 hours before getting up to eat. As long as you're tired I can put in your bassinet and you will fall asleep all by yourself!!  During the day you sleep off and on. 
Feed: 100% bottle fed now. You are still Enfimil ProSoBee soy based formula. You are doing great! And gaining weigh just like the doctors love!
Weight:At your last doctor's appointment you weighed 11 pounds 12 ounces!!!!

Length:  You are now 24 inches long.

Diapers: You are still wearing size 1 diapers.

Clothes: Still wearing 0-3 month clothes!! I'm glad that we are able to get a lot of use out of your clothes. You fit just perfect!

Hair Color: You are definitely a red head! Your head is finally big enough to fit some more of the headbands and bows! There are even a couple that you're too BIG for!
Eye Color: Your eyes are still blue, but I am still hoping that they will turn green like me and Daddy's.
Milestones: You talk a LOT!! And now you're smiling and laughing too!!
Your Favorite Toy: Your favorite toy is still your hands! You have started to play on your mat with toys hanging from it!
First Fourth of July 07/04/12
First time house hunting 07/10/12
First move 7/14/12
First giggle
 Can't wait to see what new things will happen next !!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Jude"s birthday

This weekend my nephew turned 1!!
I can't believe it! Seems like just yesterday that I was throwing a baby shower for my sister!
Such a big boy!
He dived right into his cake!

Such a mess but oh so cute!

His Dad helped him open his gifts.

And of course Landon had to help too!
Jude had lots of guests and presents!!

Happy Birthday JUDE!!!