Monday, April 26, 2010

Words of Wisdom

As the wedding gets closer I’ve tried limiting my daily dose of wedding blogs and websites. Every time I’m on one I see something I should have done or WANT to do. But the truth is I simply don’t have time for any new projects or the money to change anything that I’ve chosen. I know in the end that I don’t regret anything that I’ve chosen for this wedding. It won't be a princess wedding at the Plaza for sure but it will be beautiful and prefect for me.

I did however find two little bits of wonderful advise that really have helped throughout this whole process.

-No cares as much as I do.
-The details DO matter.

These little words of wisdom have become my mantra and balance. Realizing that all the people I love in my life that want me to be happy and have MY perfect day, in the end don’t care as much as I do! Knowing this has actually helped me to let some things go.

Knowing that the details DO matter has helped with my internal battle of spending money for the sake of pretty. And has helped with a new look at life in general. Yes flowers will die and no one would miss or even know if they weren’t there and candles were on the tables instead. But I would know. I WANT the flowers. They are beautiful and elegant and it will make me happy.

There is something about the details that makes things all worth it. My favorite flower in full bloom, a beautifully wrapped gift (no matter what’s in side), a hug from a loved on for no reason at all, a simple ribbon added to the save-the-dates, a wedding blog. People did notice the ribbon added to the save-the-dates, and a couple people commented on them too. And much to my amazement people are reading this blog.

I want our wedding to be filled with details. Not just aesthetic but emotional. Life is all about the details and moments that take our breath away. My hope for this wedding is not just a celebration of a marriage but a chance for everyone to appreciate the details in life all around them.

I have this wonderful journey of wedding planning to thank for taking a moment to appreciate the details and little things in life. In THIS moment; for we’ll never get it back again.

The beautiful sky on a clear blue day. A sleeping toddler. My dog snoring. Nick holding my hand in the car. And creating beautiful details just for the sake of pretty.


Other than my shoe obsession (here, here, & here) I have to admit I have a problem.
“Hello everyone, my name is Jayme and I’m an addict.”

I am addicted to wedding websites!!
My drug of choice is:

I can and do spend hours on this website. I read other bride’s blogs and find fun and new DIY projects to attempt. Reading other bride’s blogs has become very therapeutic. Just knowing that other brides have and are going through the same thing is comforting. Their funny names (for the sake of privacy) are entertaining in themselves. I find at times that I HAVE to know how Miss Button’s and Miss Frozen Yogurt’s last DIY project went and what dresses they chose.
Also knowing that they too are going through the same things and some even worse than me helps me keep things in perspective. Like the other day Miss Sewing’s future husband (who is sewing her wedding dress for her) spilled RED soda on her gown!!!! Luckily he did get the stain out (he truly was touched by an angel)!

My other favorites are and These two are more pictures and visual than Wedding Bee. But just seeing all the beautiful decorations, dresses, and photos makes me want to plan this wedding all over again (Frugal Jayme just threw up in her mouth a little bit). I’ve seen some pretty wild themes on there and most I am not daring enough to ever try!

** Carrie -this has you written ALL over it!!!** =D kisses!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

You're Invited!!

The most difficult part of the invitations was not picking the design, or choosing the wording, or even assembling them. No. The biggest challenge was getting all the addresses!!! With some help from Nick, my dad, aunts and a LOT of help from fast data (**wink**) I finally had 90% of them. Nick’s grandma helped with some and there are even some addresses trickling in even now!

The boys helped with the invites. Nick insisted on heat embossing all the information cards that went with the invites. He’s so crafty!

And Landon helped with the clean up!! Such a good helper!!!

Now the invites are finally in the mail! So excited!! I can't wait to see who will be joining us in celebrating this wonderful times in our lives!

*such a good sport for letting me take pictures of him!!!

Cheater, cheater!

As I mentioned previously (here) I purchased my shoes from But during my search for shoes I stumbled upon this

I love everything about this look. The fluffy dress, the veil, the beautiful peonies and of course the SHOES!!! Let’s take a closer look shall we?

SWOON!!! I LOVE these shoes!!! Princess Jayme is screaming “BUY THEM NOW!!!!! YOU KNOW YOU WANT THEM!!!” And I do! Oh, I do!! But alsa, Frugal Jayme has prevailed for now. These beauties are Christian Loubitans. And origanlly sold for around $800!! For a pair of shoes?! That is ridiculas! That is almost 3 times more than I paid for my dress! I have stalked these shoes on every website available and they have gone down in price and can be found at the bargain price of $189! Now Princess Jayme is REALLY mad!! She wants these shoes BAD!!! I can envision her throwing herself on the floor kicking and screaming and pouting when Frugal Jayme calmly tells her it is still too much money to be spending on shoes. Unfortuantely DIY Jayme can not help in this situation. I may be crafty but Gippedo I am not!

So for now I sulkingly stalk my beautiful virtual shoes online, imagine that I’m wearing them happily ever after..

To Veil or not to Veil?

When trying on my dress someone asked me “Is this the dress you’ve always dreamed about?” Looking back on all my fairy tale daydreams about this day I never stopped to look at what I was wearing! The dreams were always about location, the guests, my dad walking me down the aisle, walking toward the love of my life (usually a faceless man until NOW!), my friends standing next to me crying, but I never looked in a mirror. (Shame on me!) So I have no idea what the dress of my dreams looks like and in that respect if I’m wearing a veil or not?! Luckily I found my dress (here) but now came the question of a veil. At my dress fitting with my bridesmaids in tow the discussion of a veil came up. They asked if I’d picked out a veil yet. I say, “I’m not sure if I’m gonna wear one.” Skrrrreeech! Record stopped, crickets chirping in the back ground, all eyes on me. Wide eyed and dropped jaw, they all say, “You HAVE to wear a veil!” Ok then. Veil it is. (seriously should have seen the looks are their faces! Priceless)

So, now the hunt for a veil begins. At the bridal shop I think they brought me every veil they had to offer. Again Godilocks…

too short

too long

too… yeah.
**ok, so this one wasn't at David's Bridal. But I had to put it in there cuz it makes me laugh!**

Found one! It works with my frame, compliments the dress and is pretty too. But wait!!!
** Record scratching, music stops!**
What did that price tag just say?! $149!!! NO FREAKIN WAY!!! It’s a piece of tulle wrapped around a plastic hair comb with beads sewn on the edge! Are you freakin’ kidding me?! Frugal Jayme has just had a heart attack!! We need a crash cart STAT!!

I tried looking at other bridal shops for veils that might be cheaper and comparable to the look but still they were all over $100! I tried friend’s veils for my favorite price of free (and my something borrowed). No go; not the right look. I’ve even tried my good old friend Craig (; but still no luck. Luckily DIY Jayme is too the rescue. I’ve decided, "I can totally make that!" And for way cheaper than $149!!! So my DIY veil project will be starting soon. I’ll keep you updated on the outcome! Wish me luck!


Since this new found website has become a mini obsession for me I’ve decided it needs its own post. With my heel height in mind and my color selected I have about 183 different styles to choose from! YEAH! Let the virtual shopping begin! These were my favorites…

#1 - 4 1/2" heel #2- Kate Spade -enough said! #3 -Fun!! but not for a wedding

#4- Perfect!

But then I started feeling like Goldilocks. #1 was too high, #2 was to pricey, #3 was to.. woah! But #4. #4 was just right! Fuchsia, just tall enough, the right price, and cute! Ladies and Gentlemen we have a winner!!! I promptly ordered 5 pairs. Yes, you read that right 5 pairs. I too will be wearing these lovely shoes on my walk down the aisle!

About 7 days later I patiently waited for the UPS man to bring me my package. When that wonderful big brown truck stopped at my house I stopped pulling weeds and ran to the front door! Ripped open the box and walked around the house for about an hour in my new wonderful fuchsia shoes!! My bridesmaids all claim they too love the shoes (except my sister –blah!) but who knows what they really think. Either way I’m glad they are doing their bridesmaid duty of loving everything I pick!
I have the best bridesmaids!!!

The Hunt is ON!

It is official: I have become obsessed with finding the PERFECT shoe!

Since choosing the bridesmaids dresses was a snap, I figured, “how hard could this be?” After all, I love shoes! Since I went with a black dress with fuchsia trim I wanted fuchsia shoes. And heels were a must!! Now, for heel height this was tricky. Between my bridesmaids I have a tomboy, klutz, bad ankles, and height working against me. I also had a concern of the perfect shade of fuchsia. In my search I found that not all fuchsia is created equal!

Now really is that fuchsia?! NO!

First I found these lovelies…

.. but alsa Nine West no longer makes them. **sigh** Next came these..

and these…

Again both are no longer available ANYWHERE! Believe me I looked and looked! The thought of dyables entered my mind but they remind me on 8th grade graduation. Also, dyables take 5 weeks to get the shoe and in and NO ONE actually carries the shoe in stores. Basically you order from a catalog submit a color swatch for matching and 5 weeks later hope that the shoe fits and doesn’t pitch your little toe off! So, that idea was definitely OUT.

Then I found Zappos!! If you haven’t heard or found this website than you should check it out immediately! They have latterly thousands of shoes, free delivery, items are shipped and at your door in 7-10 days and if you don’t like it or it doesn’t fit their return policy is totally easy too! Just let them know you want to return something and send it back free of charge!! SCORE!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bridesmaid dresses

Having been a bridesmaid 4 times over I know the anxiety of waiting for the bride to decide the fate of her bridesmaids and their attire. Also, finding one single dress that is flattering for all girls is about impossible and NEVER happens. I wanted my bridesmaids to fell comfortable and ultimately love (or at least like) the dress they were going to wear the day I walked toward the love of my life.

So, this bride decided to find a designer that I liked and let the girls would pick their own style! Yeah! The only stipulation I had was that they had to be the same colors. As much as I would LOVE to wear a fuchsia dress I know that a few of my bridesmaids probably would not love it. (although they would do it for me =D). I decided to go with black dresses with fuchsia trim/accents. Besides who doesn’t look good in black?!

So the search began!

Aren’t they beautiful?! but a little pricey. Didn’t want my maids to have to spend a fortune on a dress they may or may not wear again. So I found these lovelies from Alfred Angelo…

The girls and I met at bridal shop and they started picking and trying on tons of dresses. There was some heart break for dresses that did not come in the colors we needed and there was some joy in finding a dress that was flattering and pretty. So here are a few chosen by the girls! Good choices I think! Can’t wait for them to come in and see them on the girls!

***note –every time I see a fuchsia dress in a magazine I wish I would have gone with fuchsia instead of black. **sigh** But, too late now, money has been spent, dresses have been ordered, and there’s no going back! –Oh well, maybe next time! =D

Seriously!? How cute is that?!