Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Me, Myself, and I

Now that I’ve started the planning I’ve come to realize that there is not one but THREE of me!! Let me introduce you:

Princess Jayme
She believes in true love, fairy godmothers, and happily ever after. She wants this wedding to be as beautiful as possible and has no concern for cost, effort, or circumstance.

Frugal Jayme
She thinks that everything is over priced and can easily be found or made for much less than the sticker price! She wants to spend as little money as possible and would be happy to pay the marriage license fee, sign on the dotted line, and be done with it all.

DIY Jayme
She is the crafty one! She truly believes that she can do it all; and usually wants to. With every turn she says, “I can do that!”

Everyday is a constant battle between these three lovely women. My greatest battle is with DIY Jayme. Keeping this monster under control has been a challenge. A challenge I know that I will continue to fight for a long long time. She is also my favorite monster. She has the greatest joy and sense of accomplishment when she finishes a project.

In the end I know a little of all of them will be included in this wedding and I hope I can please them all.

Dare to Dream

Let the official wedding planning begin!!

As I’m sure almost every little girl dreams of her wedding day, I too have a dream. This dream of course as changed over the years. Everything from a small backyard party to an extravagant fairytale wedding with mice, coach and prince included! There were even years when I thought this would never happen in a million years. But here we are!!

I found a website that would help me with organizing, budgeting, ideas and staying on task. I happily inserted my (hopeful) pending date and Viola!! the countdown began. But wait! The checklist says I have 59 overdue items!!! YICKES! Apparently I should have been reserving venues, cake decorators and caterers months before Nick and I even saw each other again. Well no time like the present to get started!!