Monday, March 1, 2010

Be Our Guest!!!

Poring over thousands of websites, (ok, not thousands but it sure seemed like it) I looked at all kinds of invitations. Different, styles, textures, colors, paper weight. Who knew that a simple task of asking someone to come to your wedding would be so involved? Did you know that people have written books on the proper etiquette of an invitation?! When to send it, who it’s addressed to, wording, who is hosting: couple, parents, divorced parents with or without a new spouse, casual, formal, letter press, engraved, calligraphy, linen, matte, stock, rice paper, and the list goes on. Geez! I finally found an invitation that I liked and that DIY Jayme could add a little personal touch to.

I tracked the shipment, and one Saturday while I was making Christmas gifts Nick walked past the front door and said, “There’s a box out here.” Realizing that today was the scheduled date for their arrival; I squealed (literally!), ran past Nick and grabbed the package!! Excitedly I opened the box and closely examined all of the fun goodies inside! Of course Nick looked at me like I was a crazy person. Making funny faces at me and all the fun things I pulled out of the box, trying to figure out what all of it was.

I can’t wait to assemble them and start sending them to all the wonderful people I hope will show up!!!
**wink, wink**

THE Dress

I was extremely excited to try on dresses!!
I perused through pictures on the internet and in magazines and saw many beautiful dresses but wasn’t sure which one I loved and what would look good on ME. The fact that I’m short and not gifted in the chest department would greatly limit my options.

I headed to David’s Bridal with an open mind. In the back of my head there were certain styles I had excluded thinking it would look horrible on me. I tried on dress after dress after. In keeping with my “open mind” mantra, I even tried on the one style I didn’t want. And wouldn’t you know it, I LOVED it! I continued to try on dresses but continued to come back to that one. I tried it on in my size and it was PERFECT!
I found my dress!!!

Note: no pictures will be posted of THE dress! Sorry! You will all have to wait until I walk down the aisle!!

The good, the bad, and the ugly

Finding a venue became the most stressful and discouraging planning venture to date. While starting my search for save-the-date cards I realized that I needed a date. But, deciding on a date meant that I needed a venue. I could say I wanted to get married on May 15, 2010 until I was blue in the face but if the place I chose to hold the ceremony/reception was not available that day than “my date” means nothing. So the search for the prefect place started.

Princess Jayme wanted the most beautiful breath-taking venue possible! Her #1 choice was the Boojam Tree; a beautiful tropical garden here in the lovely state of Arizona. A place that made you forget you are in the desert! Princess Jayme of course did not care that just the venue was close to $7,000!!!


Of course Frugal Jayme was not having any of that! We could buy a car for that price! Her #1 choice was the LDS cultural hall! With a price of FREE!

DIY Jayme wanted Rio Vista Park were all decorations, ceremony, and planning would need to be done by us.

So the battle begins.

Finally I decided on Palm Ridge Recreation Center. It’s not the Plaza but it will do the job. It’s lovely inside and close to a golf course appeasing Princess Jayme, decently priced to please Frugal Jayme and leaves enough freedom for DIY Jayme to do her thing.

-As Nick continues to remind me, I thought it fair to state that he did suggest the place and thanks to his Grandparents we were able to get the facility for CHEAP!-