Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pintrest Tuesday –Name Fun

Welcome to Pintrest Tuesday!!
**update** I added pictures of the finished
A few years ago Nick bought some cardboard letters for Landon’s room; I’m just now getting around to utilizing them… (bad Step-Mommy).
I came across this pin a while ago
I thought it was super cute and EASY!
basically you take the naked cardboard letters and glue them together vertically.
I working on getting Landon a skateboard themed room so I painted the letters red to match the fabric
I have
that will someday be a pillow or something…
I also love this pin…
I love the pop of color and the stripe along the wall.
After I painted the letters I decided to hang them on the wall instead of stacking them. I figured I can always take them off the wall and stack them, but I can’t do the other way around without ruining the letters.
Here are the letters all painted.
 My car died this weekend so I haven’t been able to get to the store for the command strips I need to hang them.
I’ll put date this post when it’s totally done.

Until next week
Keep pinning and crafting!!
All of these pins are on my Boy’s Room board.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pintrest Tuesday –Privacy Window

Welcome to Pintrest Tuesday
I LOVED this idea from the first time I saw it!
We have two small windows that flank either side of our front door.
They are too small for standard blinds, and curtains just seem weird here.
I needed a way to add some privacy but still let the light in..
This pin is on my
Entry board
I couldn't wait to do this in this house.
I even bought the supplies before we even owned the house.
This is a really good tutorial and has the stencil too. I reduced the stencil to 75% because of my window size. She has some really good tips on her site also.
I was only able to do one side so far. I need to cut out some more and finish it up.
The window is a little difficult to get a good picture.
My only tip is to make sure you are precise on your cutting.
If you’re a little off aligning them can get tricky.
Bella and Leia love to look out the windows and this obstructs their views so they are not so happy about it, but I love it.
Now on to the other side!
Until next week!
Keep pinning and crafting!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pintrest Tuesday –Flippy Floppy Organization

Welcome back to Pintrest Tuesday
I’ve been wanting to do this next project for a long time. As you can see I have a LOT of shoes
and flipflops.
My secret goal is to own every color Old Navy offers ;D
Usually they sit in a tub and when I want to wear a pair I spend 10 minutes looking for matching colors..
So, here is my solution and pin
Brilliant idea I say!!!
 I didn’t have any wire hangers (Mommy Dearest flash backs!!)
and I’m too impatient to add another bar right now. So here is my version…
I’m happy! My flip flops are happy!
And Nick is happy they are no longer scattered on the closet floor.
Until next week!!!
Keep pinning and crafting!