Saturday, June 29, 2013

Family Pictures

We had family pictures taken this morning.
Of course I chose the hottest day of the summer!
But Landon is leaving soon and I didn't have much choice.
A friend of ours (Scott Gulledge) took them for us.
Here are a few of my favorite...

The kids did NOT cooperate on their solo pics..

It was hot, the sun was in their eyes...they were NOT happy.
We'll do it again when Landon comes back in November and it is cooler outside.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pintrest Tuesday – Toy Jail

Welcome to Pintrest Tuesday!!
Recently I've been obsessed with keeping the house clean. I cant seem to sleep if the house is dirty when I go to bed.
The mess breaks down like this:
50% Landon
40% Leia
10% Nick

Picking up after Hurricane Leia is a full time job on its own, adding Landon to it and I was going crazy!!

I saw something on Pintrest awhile ago but never pinned it. (Bad me!)
It went some thing like this. Kids left their toys out, mom put the toys in "jail", kids did a chore to get the toy out.

So I put it in play.

Every night at around 7:30pm Landon has 15 minutes to pick up all the junk he's gotten out during the day. (In the past picking up ment he would just throw it in his room or play hide and shove! Which usually meant one shoe in the closet and the other shoved in a drawer or toy bin some where. So toy jail includes his room and everything has to be put in the right place.) Anything left out after 15 minutes goes to toy jail.
Landon has to pull a chore from the jar to get his toy back.
On Sunday at 5pm anything still in jail gets donated to Goodwill!
It has been a beautiful thing!! Landon enjoys it (for some reason) and I have a clean house!!! So far only 3 toys have gone to jail. He did his chores to get them back.
Every one is happy!!
Until next week
Keep pinning and crafting!!!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Leia's First Swim Lesson

Leia had her first swim class!!
She totally loved being in the water!!

At this age it's mostly playing and just getting use to being in the water, but she loved it.

When we finally get a pool she will definitely be a water  baby!!

Summer fun

 A couple weeks ago during one of our field trips we went to the library and watched a magic show with Ronald McDonald!!
Landon was chosen to be one of his helpers! It was pretty funny! The kids had a great time!
It was during Leia's nap time so she was good and just relaxed
Landon got a coloring book at the end and we checked out some books from the library.
Good times and my favorite... FREE!!!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Dude!!

Nick found this rocket at goodwill called "The Dude!" It was still sealed so the boys along with his brother Dan and crew (Dan's girlfriend Jackie, her son Bentley -Landon's age, and Hannah) launched the rocket this weekend. Twice
Here are the videos of the launches:
*warning a swear word is said in one of the videos*
Nick finds the coolest things...

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Pintrest Tuesday – Father’s Day

Welcome to Pintrest Tuesday!!
Father’s Day of course is full of Pintrest ideas!!
Last year Landon and I made Hero boxes for all the men
My favorite so far I think..
This year we did
I used my cricut for the lettering and Landon found the mustache stickers at Walmart.
I love the jars! I think they are adorable!
Although as I was working on these I realized and don’t do anything for the Moms and Grandmas for Mother’s Day! Nick reminded me it was because I make stuff for him and not myself. I guess I’ll have to get better about that next year. YICKES! Sorry Moms and Grandmas!
Until next week
Keep pinning and crafting!!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!!
Our day was filled with fun!!
Landon and Nick went to see the new Iron Man 3 movie! They loved it!
The kids gave Daddy his gifts
Landon made him a card..
I updated the “DAD” picture..
(getting Leia to cooperate with this was WAAAAY harder than I expected! ugh!)
and the kids made him some handprint art..
I got him t-shirts for sleeping and socks! He’s always running out of both all. the. time.!
Later that night we went to Gpa & Gma’s house for dinner! And gave Gpa and Grandpa Bob their ‘Stache jars too!
Papa will get his at dinner tomorrow night!
*sorry about the pictures, not sure what is going on there...

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pintrest Tuesday- A Summer Plan

Welcome to Pintrest Tuesday
The first week Landon was here for the summer was filled with watching TV.  The car happened to break the day before he go here so we weren’t going any where. There is only so much Power Rangers and Woody Woodpecker I can take.
I needed a plan for the summer!!
I found this blog post via Pintrest
So I thought I’d give it a try.
I made my strips of activities
and the extras
made a daily chore chart
and one for money (when the daily ones are done first!)
I planned some field trips and activities for him and we started last week.
It is going pretty good so far. He gets excited to see the plan for the day and loves to go to the next activity.
His favorite is Room Time. Go figure.
I try to plan the quiet times during Leia’s nap time so I can get some quiet time, scrapbooking, crafting, or me time in.
Yesterday I was feeling lazy and we basically had a free day (bad step-mommy).
He likes it and Power Rangers is not constantly on so I’m happy too!
Until next week
Keep pinning and crafting!!