Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It's OURS!!!

We FINALLY have a house!!!
I quickly took these shots before Nick started ripping out the flooring.
Let's take a quick tour.

The living room/great room
Dining room

Master bedroom

Master bath

Master Bath -Closet in the background

Library/Play room

Kid's/Guest Bathroom

Landon's Room

Leia's Room
There it is! Looks like I forgot to take a picture of the kitchen ={  and the entry.
By the end of the day all the carpet and pad was in the garage.
Next up vinyl, tack strip and baseboards.
Let the fun begin.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

First things first

Only a hand full of family members and my bestie read this blog so most of you know our house situation. But here’s a recap.

When Nick and I got married we both owned a home. Nick made his into a rental property and we lived in mine.

Very quickly our house was becoming too small. Mostly we have a lot of crap, but when Leia was born it was clear we needed a larger home. Nick and I both agreed that we despise moving and our next home would have to be our forever home.

We sold both of the houses and were lucky enough to move in with Nick’s mom (thanks Linda) rent free so we could save some money. Our search for a home for our family was very frustrating. I wanted to rip out kitchens, tear down walls, or when we did find something we liked we were out bid. It was also clear building our Dream House was not going to happen.

Banks are not even loaning money to custom home builders right now.

So the next option was to build a new home.


That was about six months ago. The house went up pretty quickly…






My kitchen! You have no idea how happy these white cabinets make me! The builder does not offer white but my husband is AWESOME!!! and talked them into it!! AND it didn’t cost us any thing extra! BEST. HUSBAND. EVER!!!


It is almost done! We close next week!!

There will be TONS of projects happening! It may be a brand new home but we still need to put our personal touches on it!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Word of the Year 2013

A few of the blogs that I follow do a Word of the Year. Basically in lieu of a new year resolution you choose a word that has the potential to inspire you and create intention in your life. You incorporate this word into your thoughts and goals all year long. Last year I tried the 52 Things To Do in 2012. This year I’m going to try this.
I thought about what word I wanted to incorporate into my life and goals for 2013 and word I chose was

Now, I realize that some of the goals that I have for 2013 might contradict my Word of the Year, but if I can SIMPLIFY some parts of my thoughts and life than I will have the ability to do the other things I want to do (more on this cryptic nonsense later).
For now I wanted to share my word and maybe encourage some of you to choose a Word of the Year for yourselves.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Nine Months Old

Leia you are NINE months old!!!
Sleep: You usually sleep through the night but some nights you wake up. After a diaper change and bottle you go right back to sleep until around 7:30am.
Feed: You are still eating solids! You still HATE green beans and peas but you're not allergic to anything yet.
 DSC06361    DSC06364   
Weight: You just had your nine month appointment and you are 16.3 lbs. You have jumped to the 16th percentile!! Yah!!
Length: You are 27 inches long. You are in the 25th percentile.
Diapers: You are still in a size 2 diaper.
Clothes: Your 6 month clothes are starting to get a little snug. You’ll be in 9 month clothes soon!
Hair Color: You are still a red head! You are getting more peach fuzz too! It seems a little lighter but still red!
Eye Color: Your eyes are still blue, but I am still hoping that they will turn green like me and Daddy's.
Milestones: You are now mobile! You have started to “crawl”. You do a really cute inch worm thing. You get your butt up on all fours push off with one foot and fall to your stomach. Up, down, up down. You’re getting pretty good and fast.
Your Favorite Toy: You now hate the Baby Einstein jumper. You would much rather be on the floor crawling around. You have a Little People carriage filled with random Little People. You like to take them out one by one. When it’s empty you get upset and want it filled back up.
12.23 First visit with Santa Claus
12.24 First Christmas Eve
12.25 First Christmas Day
12.31 First New Year’s Eve
01.02 Daddy’s Birthday
Can't wait to see what new things will happen next !!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

52 Things To Do in 2012 -Final

At the beginning of 2012 I posted a list of 52 things to do that year. Let’s see how it turned out, shall we?!
1. Send out Christmas cards
2. Lose baby (and infertility drugs) weight
3. Have a baby -shouldn't be to hard to accomplish =D Easiest one of all ! HA!
4. Blog more
5. Finish 10 things from my Pintrest boards Most were recipes but I’m still counting it
6. Take maternity pictures
7. Read 5 books
8. Be better about cleaning the house I did get better but I’m still working on doing more
9. Take Landon to Disneyland before he starts school (this might be the most challenging one) No time or money
10. Finish the nursery by February I'm not sure it was finished by February but it did get finished before my shower, so I'm counting this as complete!
11. PURGE! PURGE! PURGE! hmmm… Not at the level I wanted so… fail
12. Finish one year of scrapbooking for the Family and Landon FAIL!! Of epic proportions
13. Payoff all credit cards
14. Make Christmas stockings for next year It is all in storage so it will have to wait for 2013
15. Take a photography class
16. Learn how to use Photoshop
17. See 5 movies in the theatre Only saw 3. I have a hard time asking people to watch Leia so we didn’t get to out as much as I’d like.
18. Go to 1 play/musical Thanks Jos!
19. Finish scanning pictures
20. Start Nick's genealogy
21. Make a plan to build our dream house Not really our dream house but it is our FOREVER home so I say DONE
22. Save up for our dream house
23. Take Bella for a walk at least once a week
24. Visit family in Utah & California
25. Take Landon to the Phoenix Children's Museum
26. Take newborn pictures of Adele
27. Use my Nook more
28. Decide on a stay-at-home "job"
29. Be better about cooking at home
30. Get the boys to eat more vegetables BAAHAHAHAHAHAHA  What the heck was i thinking?!
31. Teach Landon to ride a bike with 2 wheels
32. Be better about taking my vitamins
33. Turn the TV off more
34. Spend more quality time with family and friends
35. Spend more time outside
36. Practice newborn pictures on Harper
37. Start working on Christmas gifts EARLY!
38. Go to the library more This will be easier in 2013 when the library is literally across the street
39. Visit a National Monument or National Park I've never been to before
40. Work with Landon on reading
41. Close the shop at the Brass Armadillo
42. Eat healthier
43. Work on linking family photos with genealogy work
44. Start getting Landon and Adele ALL the signatures of the Disney characters in Disneyland!!
45. Get Landon and Adele's picture taken with all the Disney characters they get signatures from
46. Start an ornament scrapbook for the kids for their annual Christmas ornaments
47. Start a new family tradition
48. Be more patient
49. Get all the stuff out of storage! This one REALLY didn't happen. In fact the whole house is going into storage now!
50. Repaint hall bathroom (with paint I already have)
51. Finish painting the master bedroom The house is sold and now some one else's problem!
52. Finish this list!!
Ok, so the list didn’t get finished and I didn’t accomplish all I wanted; but I think I did pretty good. Almost half.
For 2013 I’m going to do something a little bit different. I’ll still have some goals that I’ll be sharing.
Come back and see what’s next for The Heuers!!
Can’t have a post without a picture! ;D