Friday, August 26, 2011

Telling The Girls!

I really wanted to the tell the girls at the same time our good news. I created a ploy and invited the girls to my house for a "Birthday dinner". I had Nick take our picture, which usually happens when the four of us get together so I knew this would not seem out of the ordinary.

The first picture I had Nick say

"Say Cheese!"

And with the second picture Nick said


"Say, Jayme's PREGNANT!!!!"

This was were the girls got a little confused. I think they were trying to figure out if Nick was kidding or not.


when they finally figured out that no, Nick was not kidding!!!!
They were VERY excited!!! (Yes, Mindy is jumping up and down while Jaymi is hugging me!)
Love these girls!!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It's Official!

It's official people! We have a heartbeat!

Nick was a little disappointed that there was only one baby in there. To be honest twins would have been fun, but I'm just grateful to have what I do! I just want a health baby.

It's the most beautiful little baby blob EVER!

I think so anyway.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ready, Set, BLOW!!!

No, Landon did not turn three again. They might be hard to see but there are two other candles on that cake. I had to improvise a little.
Of course a Lego cake. What else is there?!

Blowing out the candles, make a good wish!

Opening all the gifts. I think this was the new Leapster game...
Stinky the talking Garbage Truck (sometimes it's better not to ask...)

Aunt Stacey gave Landon a scooter thing, have no idea what it's called....?
But it was a BIG hit!!!
Even the little kids loved it!

He of course received LOTS of other gifts!! And I know he played with all of them before he had to leave for St Louis.


Nana & Papa

Gma & Gpa

Sophia & Mindy Stanley
Kierstin, Jordan, Landon, Delaney, Josalyn & Rob


Grandpa Bob

Aunt Stacey

Monday, August 8, 2011

Target, my happiest place on Earth!

On the way home from Lego Land, we stopped at a random Target. Nick was on the look out for clearance Legos, and I was not! I had pretty much had enough of Legos to last me a lifetime.

I did however find myself in the family planning aisle. I had been waiting all week for Aunt Flo (it is not uncommon for me to have long cycles so I thought nothing of it). The week before I had taken a (or a few) pregnancy test(s) and it was clearly negative. Since I had to call my doctor that day I figured I would take one more test to confirm so I wouldn't have to do a blood test.

I headed to the pharmacy counter and purchased a pregnancy test. I then proceeded to the Target bathroom to get this over with. (Nick and Landon are STILL looking at Legos by the way).

I did my business on the stick and placed it on top of the toilet paper holder. I cleaned myself up and looked over to confirm the inevitable so I could call the doctor and get this over with.


A million things went through my mind at that moment. No WAY that says what I think that says!!!  Am I being punked? This is a joke right? I can't believe I just did this in a random Target in California, alone, and who knows where my beloved husband is with no clue as to what was going on!
I swear I looked back and forth at that window and the legend like 20 times before it actually sank in.

Now, I have to find Nick in this ginormous Target! I immediately texted Nick (after I washed my hands of course).

Nick: "Toys" (I should have known)
-I quickly made a bee line to the toy section and searched every aisle for him. He was no where to be found. Didn't he know I had important news!? What the heck?! Finally I found him!- 
Me: (almost yelling) "GET OVER HERE!"
I calmly walk over the the Lego aisle (such a good wife I am) and showed Nick the stick I just peed on that gave us the news we had been working so hard for the last year and a half.
Nick: "So, what does it mean?"
HUH?! -crickets chirping, confusion that I have to explain this..

Now, in Nick's defense it was pretty shocking and we both were cautiously optimistic. We didn't want to get our hopes up just to be disappointed again. Many things could go wrong.

The whole ride home we both stared at this beautiful stick! Well, I stared and he glance since he was driving. We both got more and more excited about it!

I still can't believe it some days!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Beach Boys

While in California we had to take advantage of the nice weather and the beach!

Landon explored all the nooks and crannies of the beach.

Until the sun went down.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

legoland aquarium

On the second day of Legoland we headed to the aquarium!  It was very cool to see all the different animals.

And scuba divers in the huge tanks, cleaning and feeding the fish.

Delaney, Kierstin, Jordan, Landon, Nick

I think that fish migh be bigger than she is!

They had a spot were you could touch some star fish. But Landon and Delaney wanted nothing to do with THAT!  I don't blame them, looking is good for me too!

And of course at the end there were Legos to play with! This still is Lego Land of course!

And just to prove that I actually was on this family trip....

Josalyn and me

I have no idea what Bob the Builder has to do with Lego Land but Landon wanted his picture with him, so here it is! Enjoy!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Lego Land

This summer our family vacation was a surprise for Landon.  While Nick and I packed up the car Landon got it in his head that we were going for a picnic, so Nick and I went with it.

We drove all night to California and in the morning Landon STILL thought we were going for picnic. That is until we drove up to LEGOLAND!!!

He had seen a commercial for the park right before we got there, so when he saw the slide for the water park he knew exactly where we were going!

This trip the Kammeyers came along with us!!! Here is Landon, Jordan, Lego guy, and Kierstin.



The kids had all kinds of fun playing on the Lego playground that was ment for the little kids.

But who could pass up all this fun?!

Landon even was able to drive his own Lego car! And after received his own Lego license!

Delaney had to watch the bigger kids drive the cars. She is still too little. Maybe next time!

There were Lego planes!

And Lego boats!

And a Lego horse! Oh my!

The big kids may have been able to ride a few rides that Landon was too little for but that's ok. He and Josalyn had a sword fight to the death!!!

My favorite part was the Lego cities! The Lego Masters have recreated multiple miniture cities from around the United States!! The detail is unbelievable.

San Francisco

Las Vegas
New York City
Washington D.C.

Giant Albert Einstein

They even had a place to build a race car and track to race it against other kids!

Over all I think the kids (and Nick) had a blast at Lego Land!!!