Friday, December 24, 2010

A Fernandez Christmas

The boys wrapped my Dad's gift and thought it would be funny to play a little trick on him. The piece that he's holding is the top of the box. The bottom should have been open but they decided to wrapp that too! Silly boys!

But he figured it out.

My brother and sister got Landon a drum set!! My Grandfather, father, brother and sister all play the drums. So, now it seems to be Landon's turn to follow the family legacy.

He was a little shy about it at first. But then my dad showed him how to jam.

And jammed all night long!

Look out Neil Peart!!

His second favorite gift of the night was the new Leapster he got from my parents. He couldn't wait to go home and load more games and books onto it.

I LOVE family pics!!!

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