Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

One of my favorite "holidays" is celebrating my favorite guy!

In past years it has been difficult keeping Nick's gifts a secret if Landon knows what they are ahead of time. He has a tendency to blurt it out before he opens the gift. But this year he was REALLY good!! He didn't let out a peep about what his gifts were this year!! I'm so proud!

And the best party is Nick was surprised!
Landon had a couple gifts for Nick this year. At preschool they made frames and the teachers took pictures of the kids dressed as "dad"s! It's a super cute picture and hangs on our fridge.
His other gift for Nick was the plane that he painted himself at As You Wish! This sits on Nick's desk at work. He loved it!
I always get Nick a gift too and this year I got him the Lego Fire Brigade that he has been drooling over for months!

Overall I think it was good Father's Day!

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