Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rollin' in Style

We received our first (official) baby staple today!!!

I'm so freakin excited!! Now, I can officially have baby stuff around and not seem like a weirdo!  Anyone that knows me knows, I've been "collecting" baby stuff for years now. Mostly clothes, jammies and toys. But NOW I can buy baby stuff for reals!!!!

Meet the Britax B-Ready
**It has 13 different configurations!!
**The infant and or toddler seat (shown here) can be front or rear facing
**The under seat storage is accessible from all sides
**All-wheel suspension

The infant carrier comes seperate but I found a deal on Amazon where you buy the stroller and get your choice of infant seat, bassinet, or 2nd toddler seat FREE!!!  I love free!  We chose the infant seat, it will be shipped later this week.

Now, where to put this thing.....?!

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