Thursday, November 17, 2011

Breaking Dawn Premier

Ok. so last year I raved about Eclipse and how good it was. Well, Breaking Dawn was WAAAAAYYY better!  I'm so glad that these movies get better as they go!
Last year we watched Twilight, New Moon AND Eclipse! Not this year (thank goodness)!  Nope, this year we only did Eclipse and the Breaking Dawn Premier. Being almost 5 months (19weeks) pregnant sitting for that long is NOT comfortable!

The usual gang of girls came along, however I forgot my camera ={ Janie got the theatre early for us to make sure we had a good seat (you're the BEST!) and later the rest of us showed up. And by rest of us I mean, Me, Jaymi, Jamie, Nona, Lori, Lindsey, Lauren, Brooke (who is 8 months pregnant by the way! kudos to her!), and some new blood Jennifer (Jaymi's friend) and for a little spice a guy!

We again had a GREAT time! And I can't WAIT for the final movie!!

Again I highly recommend reading this series of books! I know vampires are the new hot thing right now and Robert Pattinson is my least favorite choice for Edward but they really are good books. All the movies pale in comparison.

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