Friday, July 6, 2012

Leia's Nursery

So I guess it's about time I posted Leia's nursery...
Let's start with a before picture shall we?!
sorry for the crappy phone picture
This is the disaster of a room when it was my (s)crapbook room! It was basically a catch all room for all the crap in the house I didn't know what to do with. To say the least not much scrapbooking went on in this room. Who can get inspired in here?!!
Drum roll please......
A lot of hard work and love later...

The mobile I made from inspiration from Pintrest

*yes, that is Leia in the crib- the only time she actually spent in her crib*

A lot of the room was DIY-ed, from Goodwill, and family heirlooms. If anyone is interested in a product source just let me know.

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