Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ten Months Old

Leia you are Ten months old!!!
Sleep: You usually sleep through the night but some nights you wake up. After a diaper change and bottle you go right back to sleep until around 7:00am.
Feed: We have been trying out more foods with solid pieces. You love Cherrios and puffs but not such a fan of mushy solids.
Weight: I would estimate that you are about 17 pounds now.
Length: You are a little taller but not much.

Diapers: You are still in a size 2 diaper.
Clothes: You are now in 9 month clothes! You are such a big girl!

Hair Color: You are still a red head! You are getting more peach fuzz too! It seems a little lighter but still red!
Eye Color: Your eyes are still blue, but I am still hoping that they will turn green like me and Daddy's.

Milestones: You now crawl all over the place! You watched Harper crawl one day and within 2 days you were crawling! Mima got you a walker and you love to chase the dogs all over the house!
Your Favorite Toy: Your walker is your favorite toy. You love to cruise around the house eating Cherrios.

01-07 Opened first bank account
01-10 Tried sippy cup
01-12 Harper's First Birthday Party
01-29 First house closing. Signed paperwork with Daddy
02-03 First Super Bowl
Can't wait to see what new things will happen next !!

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  1. Such a big girl!! Love that outfit and bow. Harper wants to play with you soon! We miss you guys. Xoxoxo