Sunday, March 3, 2013

Eleven Months Old

Leia you are Eleven months old!!!

Sleep: You sleep through the night almost every night until around 7:00am.
Feed: You are getting better with foods with chunks. They are still not your favorite but you'll eat them. You love Cherrios and puffs but do not want to pick up mushy solids.

Weight: I would estimate that you are about 17 pounds now.
Length: You are a little taller but not much.

Diapers: You are still in a size 2 diaper.
Clothes: You are now in 9 month clothes! You are such a big girl!

Hair Color: You are still a red head! You are getting more peach fuzz too!
Eye Color: Your eyes are still blue, but I am still hoping that they will turn green like me and Daddy's.

Milestones: You now crawl all over the place! You can walk with help. You love the walker and get into everything.
Your Favorite Toy: Your walker is your favorite toy. You love to cruise around the house eating Cherrios. Some times you drop the Cherrios just for the dogs. They follow you around waiting for a treat.
02-14 First Valentine's Day
First stomach bug
02-24 started clapping
02-26 copy cat- makes popping noise with mouth
Can't wait to see what new things will happen next !!

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