Monday, December 21, 2009

Once Upon a Time....

So I thought I'd start a blog for all our out of town (and in town) friends and family to keep up with all the happenings of the wedding plans. This would be my first time blogging and to be perfectly honest I initial thought the whole thing ridiculous! But, I've moved into this century and here I am.

I guess I should start at the beginning. And that really all starts about 16 years ago....!

Nick and I met at Ironwood High School (Go Eagles!) in freshman science. We sat close to one another; most likely due to alphabetical order by last name… Nick was very shy but I do remember talking to him; although he didn’t say much. I’m sure because he was so busy listening to the teacher. Yeah Right!!! I probably didn’t give him much of a chance to speak. I’ve been know to talk your ear off and ramble if given the opportunity!
Anyway! That is where we met and unknown to me Nick had a HUGE crush on me! Unfortunately he never asked me out. But for those that believe in fate, karma, destiny or what ever you want to call it, know that the story does have a happy ending. I personally like to tell myself that we had to go through the last 16 years apart to become the people we are today to truly appreciate each other now! That sounds a lot better than knowing I missed out on the last 16 years of this wonderful man! But, I’ve gotten side tracked (told you I could ramble!).

Fast forward 16 years later…..
One Sunday night a mutual friend, Nathan Dunn is on my phone announcing that he and Nick Heuer were coming over to my house right now! Yickes! Not right now!!! I’m in bed with no make-up on and in my pajamas!!! I quickly ran a brush threw my hair, slapped on some mascara, and sprayed as much body spray as one person could handle without gagging!
I remember thinking that Nick was much cuter than I remembered. Why did this guy not ask me out in high school?! Maybe, I should have asked him out….?!
A few days later Nathan tells me that Nick had a crush on me all through high school! “NO WAY!!’ I knew since he didn’t ask me out in high there was no way he was going to ask Nathan for my phone number now. Being a modern woman I took the initiative and asked for his number! Just to say “Hi” of course! =D
The rest as the say is history!!! Or at least another post…


  1. Hummmm.
    These two guys look vaguely familiar. I just know I’ve seen them somewhere……

  2. love the blog so far. More of the story to come soon I hope.