Monday, December 21, 2009

First Date

Although I initiated first contact I was determined to take things slow. I didn’t want to rush into anything and enjoyed Nick’s company and didn’t want to ruin a good thing. Finally after a few months of talking, texting and “hanging out” I let Nick take me on a “REAL” date! And in true Nick form he did not disappoint!
He would not tell me where we were going which drove me NUTS!!! I tried asking probing questions: “Is it outside or in?”, “Can I wear jeans or dress up?”, “Should I wear flip flops, heals, or sneakers?” -Help a girl out!!! Gone is the time a girl can just be picked up for a mystery date! We need to know specifics, facts, details, information to plan our wardrobe, hairstyle, and accessories! I’d hate to get caught going for a hike wearing 3” heals and dress!!! All he would tell me is “No dresses or skirts and sneakers”! That could mean ANYTHING!!!
Finally, Nick picked me up and we went to dinner at Chili’s. Nothing original there... But, then we stopped at an indoor rock climbing facility! How fun is that?!! Who knew there was a ROCK CLIMBING place right down the street from me!
Half way through climbing up fake rocks safely secured to a fake wall I say “Man, I wish I would have brought my camera! This would make a great scrapbook page!” To which Nick replies (without skipping a beat), “We can always come back wearing the same outfits with a camera and pretend it’s the first date.”
A man after my own heart!! I was secretly thinking the exact same thing! But in the past with other boys this suggestion would have received an eye roll and sigh!
I’m in LOVE!!!!

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  1. Yeah he's a great guy.!!!

    Your in love because you finally found someone who can think as fast as you do and he talks too.!! LOL