Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dare to Dream

Let the official wedding planning begin!!

As I’m sure almost every little girl dreams of her wedding day, I too have a dream. This dream of course as changed over the years. Everything from a small backyard party to an extravagant fairytale wedding with mice, coach and prince included! There were even years when I thought this would never happen in a million years. But here we are!!

I found a website that would help me with organizing, budgeting, ideas and staying on task. I happily inserted my (hopeful) pending date and Viola!! the countdown began. But wait! The checklist says I have 59 overdue items!!! YICKES! Apparently I should have been reserving venues, cake decorators and caterers months before Nick and I even saw each other again. Well no time like the present to get started!!

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