Tuesday, August 17, 2010

To the Moon…

Nick had the great idea to shoot off rockes with Landon. The first challenge was to find a safe place to do it.

First we stopped by the field near our house...

Ummmm... NO!! I see brush fire written all over this!

Not to mention the business that boarders this field... YICKES!!! Nick claims that these HUGE tanks are empty because they lack the hazardous materials sticker to warn you of what they are. But I say, let's not take the chance!!!

So we found a field at a nearby park that didn't have a lot people and the field was green enough not to call the fire department.

They set up the rocket.

3.... 2....



And away it goes!!!

Boys and their toys!!!

*I can't wait to play dress-up and tea party!* Someday.

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