Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Scavenger Hunt

For Valentine's Day we planned a special day at the park for the kids. We met with the Kammeyers and had lunch.

After lunch the kids were sent on a Scavenger Hunt!!
Rob helped the kids with the clues. Even Delaney helped out!

Each kid had to guess at least one clue.

After they guessed all the clues they brought them back to the tables.
And noticed that the clues were pieces of a puzzle themselves.

They put the puzzle together but noticed that the middle piece was missing.
With the final clue in place they all ran to get the Grand Prize!

The Grand Prize was COOKIES!!!
And not just any cookies! Homemade sugar cookies that the kids decorated themselves!
Delaney didn't really enjoy decorating the cookies but she sure loved eating them!
After decorating the cookies we all had a silly string fight!

I love doing parties like this at the park! So easy to clean up!

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