Monday, March 14, 2011

Baby Talk

I've had a few people ask me what was going on in the baby department at the Heuer house. So, I thought I'd give everyone the Cliffs Notes version.

As most of you know Nick and I have been trying to conceive (TTC) for over a year now with no luck. Nick has been tested and everything is good from his end. In November I got a prescription from my GN for the drug Femara. This drug is supposed to help induce ovulation and increase our chances of TTC. For two months I took the Femara and nothing.

Our next stop was a Reproductive Endocrinologist (baby makin' doctor). He gave me more drugs, Chlomid this time. It does the same thing as the Femara but they called something different (and it's WAY cheaper!).

The doc did some blood work on me the first round and determined my eggs are good quality and I am ovulating. So far there is nothing wrong with me either. Other than the fact that we can't get a bun in my oven!

This month I get a fun test to make sure that my tubes are not blocked. And by "fun" I mean lying under an x-ray machine while a doctor throws some dye in my who0-ha and watches to see where it goes! Can't wait!

So, long story short we are still in the "Take two (or ten) of these and call me next month when your monthly visitor shows up". What a waste of 13 years of birth control co-pays.

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