Saturday, April 9, 2011

Congratulations Stacey & Scott!!!

This weekend Nick's sister Stacey and her long time boyfriend got hitched!

I flew to St Louis to pick up Landon and then the two of us flew to Las Vegas to meet up with Nick (who drove). We made it just in time for the rehearsal dinner.

The next day was the wedding at Ceasar's Palace. It was beautiful!

The whole weekend was pretty cold but it warmed up long enough to not freeze us during the wedding.

It was a short, but sweet ceremony (just the way I like it!) and then on to the reception!

Stacey dancing with her Father.

Mother & Grandparents of the Bride

(Linda, Dewey, & Mary)

Landon got the honor of the first dance with the bride, after Scott & her Dad of course!

Bridesmaids: Melissa & Alison

It was a great time and a very beautiful wedding!

Handsome man!

Somehow Landon ate his weight in cherries and chocolate covered strawberries.

Congratulations Stacey and Scott!!

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