Friday, August 5, 2011

Lego Land

This summer our family vacation was a surprise for Landon.  While Nick and I packed up the car Landon got it in his head that we were going for a picnic, so Nick and I went with it.

We drove all night to California and in the morning Landon STILL thought we were going for picnic. That is until we drove up to LEGOLAND!!!

He had seen a commercial for the park right before we got there, so when he saw the slide for the water park he knew exactly where we were going!

This trip the Kammeyers came along with us!!! Here is Landon, Jordan, Lego guy, and Kierstin.



The kids had all kinds of fun playing on the Lego playground that was ment for the little kids.

But who could pass up all this fun?!

Landon even was able to drive his own Lego car! And after received his own Lego license!

Delaney had to watch the bigger kids drive the cars. She is still too little. Maybe next time!

There were Lego planes!

And Lego boats!

And a Lego horse! Oh my!

The big kids may have been able to ride a few rides that Landon was too little for but that's ok. He and Josalyn had a sword fight to the death!!!

My favorite part was the Lego cities! The Lego Masters have recreated multiple miniture cities from around the United States!! The detail is unbelievable.

San Francisco

Las Vegas
New York City
Washington D.C.

Giant Albert Einstein

They even had a place to build a race car and track to race it against other kids!

Over all I think the kids (and Nick) had a blast at Lego Land!!! 

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