Monday, August 8, 2011

Target, my happiest place on Earth!

On the way home from Lego Land, we stopped at a random Target. Nick was on the look out for clearance Legos, and I was not! I had pretty much had enough of Legos to last me a lifetime.

I did however find myself in the family planning aisle. I had been waiting all week for Aunt Flo (it is not uncommon for me to have long cycles so I thought nothing of it). The week before I had taken a (or a few) pregnancy test(s) and it was clearly negative. Since I had to call my doctor that day I figured I would take one more test to confirm so I wouldn't have to do a blood test.

I headed to the pharmacy counter and purchased a pregnancy test. I then proceeded to the Target bathroom to get this over with. (Nick and Landon are STILL looking at Legos by the way).

I did my business on the stick and placed it on top of the toilet paper holder. I cleaned myself up and looked over to confirm the inevitable so I could call the doctor and get this over with.


A million things went through my mind at that moment. No WAY that says what I think that says!!!  Am I being punked? This is a joke right? I can't believe I just did this in a random Target in California, alone, and who knows where my beloved husband is with no clue as to what was going on!
I swear I looked back and forth at that window and the legend like 20 times before it actually sank in.

Now, I have to find Nick in this ginormous Target! I immediately texted Nick (after I washed my hands of course).

Nick: "Toys" (I should have known)
-I quickly made a bee line to the toy section and searched every aisle for him. He was no where to be found. Didn't he know I had important news!? What the heck?! Finally I found him!- 
Me: (almost yelling) "GET OVER HERE!"
I calmly walk over the the Lego aisle (such a good wife I am) and showed Nick the stick I just peed on that gave us the news we had been working so hard for the last year and a half.
Nick: "So, what does it mean?"
HUH?! -crickets chirping, confusion that I have to explain this..

Now, in Nick's defense it was pretty shocking and we both were cautiously optimistic. We didn't want to get our hopes up just to be disappointed again. Many things could go wrong.

The whole ride home we both stared at this beautiful stick! Well, I stared and he glance since he was driving. We both got more and more excited about it!

I still can't believe it some days!

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