Sunday, April 8, 2012

Bunny Love

Hoppy Easter!!

Today was a pretty low key day.

The Easter Bunny brought Leia a basket full of goodies!! (Just in the nick of time! Good thing the Easter Bunny stopped by the store after her doctor's appointment and hours before this little bunny was born! whew!)

We stopped at my parent's house,

My sister, Jude, and Nate joined us. Jude seems like a giant compared to Leia.

After dinner Jude had his very own and first Easter Egg Hunt. Leia just watched and took notes for next year!

This one ended up in Jude's mouth and he had a blue mouth for the rest of the night!

Afterwards we went to Nick's grandparent's house for a second dinner.

Hannah finally got to hold Leia, and she was smitten! Hannah didn't want to eat dinner because then she'd have to put down the baby!

So glad Leia decided to come in time for Easter so she could wear her pretty dress I got her!

Hoppy Easter!!!

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