Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Holy Crap! I'm a MOM!

The day started off like any normal day. I went to work and had a doctor's appointment at 8:45 am. The rest of the day I had some irregular contractions. They ranged from all around contractions and low painful contractions. They were also 20, 30, and 45 minutes apart. When I got home from work I the contractions stopped all together.

Nick got home from work around 5:30pm and finally installed the car seat in the car.  We ate dinner about 8 pm and while Nick was in the shower I took Bella for a "brisk" walk. Bella and I got home from our walk and I had Nick take a belly picture, after all it is 39 weeks.

I started getting ready for bed and BAM!! My water broke! But, I wasn't having contractions yet. (This was about 9pm). I called OB Triage as instructed by my doctor and the nurse told me to take a shower, pack a bag, eat something and head to the hospital. So, I got in the shower to rinse off and my contractions started.

I still hadn't packed a bag yet so Nick was running around like a crazy person throwing things in a bag and getting the car ready!! Good thing he already put the car seat in the car!

I got dressed and we headed to the hospital! In OB Triage my contractions were coming very quickly and extremely strong. When the nurse checked me I was at 3cm. I asked for an epidural and was told I needed a full bag of IV saline before they could give me the epidural.

At about 10:50pm I was finally moved from OB Triage to Labor and Delivery. Luckily my parents had arived and were in the waiting room.

I was moved onto the bed and with the next contractions I had the erge to PUSH! There was no time for monitors, to finish the IV saline, or to drop the bed and certainly no time for an epidural!! The nurse finally checked me again and the baby was crowning! She was coming! Epidural or not! Doctor or not! I looked at Nick and said, "Nick, she is coming NOW!" The nurse called down the hall for the on call doctor and next thing I know she was sitting at the end of the bed delivery our baby!

At 11:01pm with two pushes she was here! Her embilical cord was too short for them to put her on my chest so I had to wait to see her until Nick could cut the embilical cord.

She was the most beautiful little girl I've ever seen!!


5lbs 8oz 18 3/4" long

Our new happy family!!

VERY proud Daddy!!!

Nick was such a champ!! I pretty much had a death grip on Nick's hand the entire time! And was screaming bloody murder when it came down to it.

Seriously!!! How cute is she!?
She was worth the wait, every penny we spent, and every ache and pain during pregnancy and delivery!! 

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  1. You are a rockstar! I love her and you! Congrats again!!