Monday, August 13, 2012

Where the Wild Things Are

 We took a trip to St Louis for Landon's first day of school.
While we were there we visted the St Louis Zoo!

The best part of the St Louis Zoo is that it's FREE!! The Heuer's favorite word!

Landon has been there a million times so we let him be our guide.
We saw... 
(Leia liked watching the fish swim around)


And my personal favorite.. the
They had an exhibit with penguins outside
(outside penguins)
and an inside exhibit that was COLD with more penguins 
and poplins!!
They were very cute! Leia like looking at the penguins too!
We had a great time! And the weather wasn't too bad either!

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  1. Yay for blog posts!! Keep em coming! Love Leia's face in the last picture. So sweet.