Thursday, August 16, 2012

First Day of School

A couple days before the first day of school Landon had a Meet the Teacher Night.
We took more pictures around the school on Meet the Teacher Night since the first day would be busy and hectic.
Landon is starting Kindergarten at Concord Elementary in St Louis Missouri

He found his desk! And looked around his room exploring all the new things he would learn.

They also had ice cream for the kids in the cafeteria.
The next pitures are from Landon's actual first day.


Good luck Landon!!
***update***  We talked to Landon tonight and he said he had and AWESOME day at school!! He can't wait for Monday when he can ride the bus! Because he doesn't have to wear his seat belt!!

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  1. Landon looks adorable wearing his backpack. And love the picture of Nick with both of his babies.