Monday, September 3, 2012

Five Months Old

Leia you are FIVE months old!!!

Sleep: You still sleep through the night. You usually fall asleep around 7:30-8pm and don't wake up until around 5:30-7:30 depending on what is going on in the house.
Feed: 100% bottle fed now. You are still Enfimil ProSoBee soy based formula. You are doing great! And gaining weigh just like the doctors love!
Weight: I have no idea what you weight right now. My guess would be about 13 pounds.
Length:  I am sure you haven't grown much in the last month.
Diapers: You are still wearing size 1 diapers.
Clothes: Still wearing 0-3 month clothes!! I'm glad that we are able to get a lot of use out of your clothes. You fit just perfect! We just got some hand-me-downs from Harper and Delaney too!!

Hair Color: You are definitely a red head! You are getting more peach fuz too! It seems a little lighter but still red!
Eye Color: Your eyes are still blue, but I am still hoping that they will turn green like me and Daddy's.
Milestones: You talk a LOT!! Some mornings you yell while playing. You have definitely found your voice. I love when you giggle and laugh!! It's my favorite.
Your Favorite Toy:  Nana and Papa let us borrow their Baby Einsteins jumper and you LOVE it!!! You haven't quite mastered the jumping up and down part but you love turning around and playing with all the fun things on it.

8/04 Cousin Jude's first birthday party
8/11 First airplane ride (you did FANTASTIC! Slept almost the whole time!)
8/11 First time in St Louis
8/13 First time at the Zoo
8/16 Landon's First day of school
8/18 First night in the Pack N Play (your crib is in storage)
8/27 Mommy's birthday
8/29 First time back at Dr Troche's office (they all loved you!)
8/31 Landon's birthday 

Can't wait to see what new things will happen next !!

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  1. She looks so big in these pictures! Happy 5 months pretty girl!