Sunday, December 23, 2012

Santa Babies

I REALLY wanted the kids to visit Santa this year. It IS Leia’s FIRST Christmas after all!
But it was the weekend before Christmas and Nick REALLY didn’t want to go to the mall.
I may or may not have used puppy dog eyes, pouty/quiver lip, and eye batting to get my way. I have no shame!
So to the mall we went! ;D
And we stood in line.
we waited….
and waited…
and waited some more..
FINALLY we got to the front!
Landon wrote a letter to Santa (so freaking cute!)
He wanted to give his letter to Santa so he would not let me keep it :(
They FINALLY got to visit with Santa!!!
I am soooooo happy Leia didn’t freak out or cry! Santa asked Landon what he wanted for Christmas and Landon froze. He couldn’t remember anything that he wanted. Good thing Santa has elves that are always listening!! *wink*

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