Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Little moments = big moments

It’s no secret that Nick and I had discussed getting married long before he ever asked me. I some how convinced Nick to go with me to our high school homecoming football game in October. Halfway through the third quarter when Nick had seen enough of the Eagles getting their butts kicked he suggested that we walk around campus. We showed Landon and each other where our lockers were and where we ate lunch. We even walked by the very classroom where he and I met. The doors were locked so we couldn’t go inside but we could see the desks from the window. A few weeks later I made a semi-joking comment to Nick that since we met at Ironwood I wonder if they’d let us get married there.

One beautiful Saturday afternoon in November after having lunch at Applebee’s; Nick suggested that we go to our alma mater to look around and ask if it would be possible to hold a wedding there. So off to Ironwood High School we went.

The main campus was more or less closed. There was a wrestling match going on so the parking lot and front gate was open. We attempted to get in the gate that led to the main campus, but a maintenance man yelled at us before we were successful. Nick suggested we go by the front office to check out their hours and instead we sat on the bench.

As we sat there talking and enjoying the day, Nick says “You know this all could have been avoided if you would have went out with me in high school.” I replied, as I always do, “YOU never asked!” This time he starts jotting something down on a piece of paper and then turns around and hands it to me, as he would if he were passing me a note in class. I opened the note and there he has written:

Will you marry me?
(With a box next to each answer.)

Overjoyed and jokingly I say, “what if I say ‘no’?” And he says then you won’t get this… and in his hand was the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen! I crystal clear Assher cut diamond solitaire with two pink stones on either side!! Of course I said “YES!!!”

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