Monday, March 1, 2010

The good, the bad, and the ugly

Finding a venue became the most stressful and discouraging planning venture to date. While starting my search for save-the-date cards I realized that I needed a date. But, deciding on a date meant that I needed a venue. I could say I wanted to get married on May 15, 2010 until I was blue in the face but if the place I chose to hold the ceremony/reception was not available that day than “my date” means nothing. So the search for the prefect place started.

Princess Jayme wanted the most beautiful breath-taking venue possible! Her #1 choice was the Boojam Tree; a beautiful tropical garden here in the lovely state of Arizona. A place that made you forget you are in the desert! Princess Jayme of course did not care that just the venue was close to $7,000!!!


Of course Frugal Jayme was not having any of that! We could buy a car for that price! Her #1 choice was the LDS cultural hall! With a price of FREE!

DIY Jayme wanted Rio Vista Park were all decorations, ceremony, and planning would need to be done by us.

So the battle begins.

Finally I decided on Palm Ridge Recreation Center. It’s not the Plaza but it will do the job. It’s lovely inside and close to a golf course appeasing Princess Jayme, decently priced to please Frugal Jayme and leaves enough freedom for DIY Jayme to do her thing.

-As Nick continues to remind me, I thought it fair to state that he did suggest the place and thanks to his Grandparents we were able to get the facility for CHEAP!-

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