Friday, October 29, 2010

Too cute to SPOOK

Halloween party at MY HOUSE!!!
Kids and adults welcome!

Landon and Bella waited patiently for the guests to arive! Finally, they came and cutie patooties they were!

There was a...

Ladybug -Sophia & Jeremy


a Strawberry -Delaney

Buzz Lightyear even showed up!!

The kids got to play in a bounce house!!

A pirate full of candy came.

But we had to beat it out of him!! -Vampiress -Kayley

Vampire -Jordan

Fairy -Keirstin

The kids also decorated pumpkins!!
Pirate -Kaytlyn & BatGirl -Kensley!

Some pretty cool "mummies" were there too!

Devil -Josalyn, 50's Chick -Jaymi, Bumble Bee- Mindy, Audrey Hepburn- Jayme

But who invited THIS GUY?!

Scary clown- Rob!

I know I had fun! Hope we can do it again next year!!!

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  1. We had such a good time at the party! Let's do it again next year!!