Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Amazing Jim

Some days I like to think that I am creative. But, when I think about all of the creative and amazing things my dad has built and created I realize I pale in comparison. Any creativity that I did inheirit came from him and his father!

My dad enjoys building model cars. Not your ordinary take the parts out of the box, build per instructions and place on a shelf.  NOOOOO!!! Where is the fun and creativity in that?!  Here are a few of the models/diaramas that my dad has built....  (note: these are pre 2009 so I'm sure he has done some cool stuff since then)

Some of his models have won awards and been featured in magazines. So of course these awesome creations can not be composed in an ordinary room!!

He built a Nautilus Submarine Room!!! Here is a video for a full tour...

AMAZING! right?! He built it all! Standing in it is crazy! It is so life like! He even painted the floor!!  My dad has built and dreamed up some crazy stuff but this is breathe taking! I can't believe it!  When and if I ever find pictures or videos of the other amazing things my dad has done I will sure to post them too.

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