Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer Fun

Landon had a busy summer!! On Mondays he went to the summer movies with my parents. Every week they get to see a different movie! The first day took some convincing to get him to go and stay but after that he would practically run out the door to go.

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays we would go to Jaymi Jarman's house for summer camp. He played with other kids, made a craft, had snacks and did story/music time. I think this might have been his favorite this all summer!

On Saturdays the first half of his trip was soccer..
He loves playing soccer

 and he is surprisingly good.

Monday and Wednesday nights he had karate! 

This helped with his listening a little bit, but I'm not sure he understood the whole "only used in defense" motto..

On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Fridays he has swim class

He can swim by himself now for short distances.

He has really improved since last summer!

On Saturdays for the second half of the trip Landon had T-ball. This might have been his least favorite.

I don't think there was enough action for him.But he still had fun!

Landon was VERY busy!! And most nights he was worn out! Mission Accomplished!!


  1. He looks so cute in the karate uniform! Way to keep him busy this summer. You rock step-momma!

  2. WOW he was a busy boy... You two are great parents!!!