Tuesday, January 1, 2013

52 Things To Do in 2012 -Final

At the beginning of 2012 I posted a list of 52 things to do that year. Let’s see how it turned out, shall we?!
1. Send out Christmas cards
2. Lose baby (and infertility drugs) weight
3. Have a baby -shouldn't be to hard to accomplish =D Easiest one of all ! HA!
4. Blog more
5. Finish 10 things from my Pintrest boards Most were recipes but I’m still counting it
6. Take maternity pictures
7. Read 5 books
8. Be better about cleaning the house I did get better but I’m still working on doing more
9. Take Landon to Disneyland before he starts school (this might be the most challenging one) No time or money
10. Finish the nursery by February I'm not sure it was finished by February but it did get finished before my shower, so I'm counting this as complete!
11. PURGE! PURGE! PURGE! hmmm… Not at the level I wanted so… fail
12. Finish one year of scrapbooking for the Family and Landon FAIL!! Of epic proportions
13. Payoff all credit cards
14. Make Christmas stockings for next year It is all in storage so it will have to wait for 2013
15. Take a photography class
16. Learn how to use Photoshop
17. See 5 movies in the theatre Only saw 3. I have a hard time asking people to watch Leia so we didn’t get to out as much as I’d like.
18. Go to 1 play/musical Thanks Jos!
19. Finish scanning pictures
20. Start Nick's genealogy
21. Make a plan to build our dream house Not really our dream house but it is our FOREVER home so I say DONE
22. Save up for our dream house
23. Take Bella for a walk at least once a week
24. Visit family in Utah & California
25. Take Landon to the Phoenix Children's Museum
26. Take newborn pictures of Adele
27. Use my Nook more
28. Decide on a stay-at-home "job"
29. Be better about cooking at home
30. Get the boys to eat more vegetables BAAHAHAHAHAHAHA  What the heck was i thinking?!
31. Teach Landon to ride a bike with 2 wheels
32. Be better about taking my vitamins
33. Turn the TV off more
34. Spend more quality time with family and friends
35. Spend more time outside
36. Practice newborn pictures on Harper
37. Start working on Christmas gifts EARLY!
38. Go to the library more This will be easier in 2013 when the library is literally across the street
39. Visit a National Monument or National Park I've never been to before
40. Work with Landon on reading
41. Close the shop at the Brass Armadillo
42. Eat healthier
43. Work on linking family photos with genealogy work
44. Start getting Landon and Adele ALL the signatures of the Disney characters in Disneyland!!
45. Get Landon and Adele's picture taken with all the Disney characters they get signatures from
46. Start an ornament scrapbook for the kids for their annual Christmas ornaments
47. Start a new family tradition
48. Be more patient
49. Get all the stuff out of storage! This one REALLY didn't happen. In fact the whole house is going into storage now!
50. Repaint hall bathroom (with paint I already have)
51. Finish painting the master bedroom The house is sold and now some one else's problem!
52. Finish this list!!
Ok, so the list didn’t get finished and I didn’t accomplish all I wanted; but I think I did pretty good. Almost half.
For 2013 I’m going to do something a little bit different. I’ll still have some goals that I’ll be sharing.
Come back and see what’s next for The Heuers!!
Can’t have a post without a picture! ;D

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