Wednesday, January 23, 2013

First things first

Only a hand full of family members and my bestie read this blog so most of you know our house situation. But here’s a recap.

When Nick and I got married we both owned a home. Nick made his into a rental property and we lived in mine.

Very quickly our house was becoming too small. Mostly we have a lot of crap, but when Leia was born it was clear we needed a larger home. Nick and I both agreed that we despise moving and our next home would have to be our forever home.

We sold both of the houses and were lucky enough to move in with Nick’s mom (thanks Linda) rent free so we could save some money. Our search for a home for our family was very frustrating. I wanted to rip out kitchens, tear down walls, or when we did find something we liked we were out bid. It was also clear building our Dream House was not going to happen.

Banks are not even loaning money to custom home builders right now.

So the next option was to build a new home.


That was about six months ago. The house went up pretty quickly…






My kitchen! You have no idea how happy these white cabinets make me! The builder does not offer white but my husband is AWESOME!!! and talked them into it!! AND it didn’t cost us any thing extra! BEST. HUSBAND. EVER!!!


It is almost done! We close next week!!

There will be TONS of projects happening! It may be a brand new home but we still need to put our personal touches on it!

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