Saturday, October 22, 2011

Creature Feature

Every year Sherri has a Halloween party and usually the costumes are top secret until party time! It's usually more fun that way to show up and see what creative costumes people have thought of. 
This year we had...

Jaymi & Mark Jarman -- Gangsta Rappers

Corri & Janie Buckholtz --Golfers

Lori & David Renick -- Princess and the Pea (very cleaver-as usual!)

Lizeth & Spencer Jarman --Jasmine & Alladin (Lizeth MADE these costumes with her own two hands {and a sewing machine of course} AMAZING!)

Lauren Renick & Boyfriend Ryan --Lady Gaga & Rapper?

My Dad & Mom --Hippie & 50's Girl w/tatoos?

Mike & Lindsey Rassmussen --Army Guy & Hippie

Sherri & Scott Clements --Witch & Chick from Dogg the Bounty Hunter

Janie & Richard Campbell --Daisy & Donald Duck

And last but not least...
Nick & I --Chef & Bun in the Oven
-The ribbon is also the way we annonced the gender of the baby! Before this night friends and family didn't have a clue. They had open the "oven" to find out! Pink ribbon = GIRL!!!


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