Monday, October 31, 2011


Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday! I love seeing all the kiddos dressed up in their costumes!
We did our trick or treating in Aunt Stacey and Uncle Scott's neighborhood this year. I think trick or treating is much more fun with a group of kids!

Aunt Stacey & Landon

Landon & Uncle Scott

Aunt Stacey lives in a cul-de-sac and her neighbors were outside passing out candy and a group of kids and friends went trick or treating.

First we had to make our rounds to the grandparents homes to show off Robin!

This is about the last time the mask was worn. But he looks pretty dang cute!

Landon (Robin) and Gma (Witch)

We also stopped by Grandpa Bob's house too for some candy and to show off.

Our final stop was Aunt Stacey's house were the kiddos set out for their trick or treating.

This group of kids was so stinkin' cute! I think Rapunzel was my favorite! (She's wearing the purple dress in the photo above). She had no fear! When the other kids were too scared to knock on the door she was all over it! She went right up there knocked and would yell back at the kids to come get some candy!

Landon loves looking at all the neat cars Uncle Scott has in his garage. 
Not really sure what is going on with this pose...hmm

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