Friday, October 21, 2011

Fall Festival

Landon had a "Fall Festival" (heaven forbid they call it a Halloween party!! It might offend someone!) at his school and he was VERY excited to go! He was able to dress up and see all his friends and teachers!

Each of the "classrooms" did a different activity. There was a Mad Scientist room, games, and crafts in other rooms and of course candy everywhere!  Landon had a great time and even jumped in the bounce house that was in the parking lot!!

Thanks Sunrise Preschool!

PS. So you're probably wondering why this is post has no pictures. Well, you see long story short... the day after this event they were accidently deleted from the memory card before I could upload them to the computer or this blog. I won't name names... NICK!  Shh! It was an accident and we're moving on. So there you have it.

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