Saturday, December 3, 2011

25th Anual APS Light Parade

The 25th Annual APS Light Parade was this weekend and some how I talked Nick into going.  We were not able to go last year because Nick was on a plane getting Landon.

The parade doesn't start until the evening when the sun goes down but everyone always gets there early to get a good spot. The kids play in the street when it closes, we eat pizza, and just spend good times with friends!

This year the Kammeyers joined us! 

Josalyn (Jordan in the background)

It was FREEZING!!!!! I believe it was in the low 40s!
But we stayed. And the parade started!
We busted out the hot chocolate (and mini candy cane for me!) took our seats and watched.

I love the train!

And then it started to rain.

And rained some more. Cold. rain. Yeah, we were out of there!
We all left! So the parade was a bust!
Let's hope next year is better and warmer!

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