Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve

This year for New Year's we went the Jarman's!
The adults played games and the kids played while we ate and waited for midnight.

After midnight we lit sparklers..

and small fireworks!

The kids screamed and ran every time a firework was lit


the adults stood around and laughed hysterically at them!

Landon decided the fireworks were too scary and stayed in the house.

All the kiddos (left to right):

Ashlyn, Kaytlyn, Kaleb, Landon McClaws, Landon Heuer, Ethan, Kensley, Ali, Kayley,
and Coconut (the dog)

I love silly face photos!

and one more silly face pictures cause they all are just so stinkin' cute!

And one more kiddo.. Eli

And the big "kids"

Jaymi, Mark, Spencer, Lizeth, Jaime, Brent, Nick and me

Brent... always the comedian!

My New Year's Sweetie!
I'm so lucky I get to spend another year with him!

**Brooke & Wayne were there too but Brooke was about a million years pregnant and had to go home early =(

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