Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pintrest Tuesday

Welcome back to Pintrest Tuesday!!
Today we have Baby Legs!! The first pair of Baby Legs I bought WAY before Leia was born. I LOVED them! Basically they are leg warmers for babies. They are very hard to find here in Arizona. I mean what baby needs to keep their legs warm in the hottest state in the country?! But I thought they were adorable and pink argyle! Clearly I don't use them to keep her legs warm but they are excellent for protecting her knees when she is crawling around on the floor. I don't remember what I paid for them but I'm guessing about $4-5 a pair!
Anyway, Leia is almost always wearing Baby Legs so I had to find a cheaper and DIY way to get her more Baby Legs.
Enter Pintrest!! This pin is located on my SEWING board.
I again followed the instructions from the website and
They are made from knee high girls socks! And about $2.50 a pair! Yeah buddy! Target has a ton of really cute styles and colors. I also made a pair of green and blue argyle ones too (not pictured).
Here she is showing off her latest fashion accessory!

Sorry for the half naked baby pictures.
The tops are not really my favorite I'm sure I can figure out a better method but for now I love them! And they do their job which is to protect my kid's knees...
See you next week!
Same bat time, same bat channel!!


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  1. Adorable. But I'm lazy. I'd rather just buy the baby legs. You are super mom!