Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pintrest Tuesday –Table Repair

Sorry for the delay. I was having technical difficulties -my pictures were not uploading...
Welcome to Pintrest Tuesday!!
This week I repaired our kitchen table.
A few months ago I placed a hot bowl on the table and it "burned" the table
I remember seeing something on Pintrest that would fix/remove it.
Here is the pin I found.
It is on my Cleaning Board
So.. I tried it
and it didn’t work. I guess not all the pins on Pintrest are helpful.
So I tried another one…
This blog called for Mayo. We didn’t have any mayo in the house. We HATE mayo.
The blog mentioned that the oil works it’s way into the table…
So I tried Coconut Oil
I left it on for a couple hours..
And it worked like a charm!!
It even looks shiny and pretty. I love it.
Until next week!
Keep pinning and crafting!

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