Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pintrest Tuesday- Monogram Bling

Welcome back to Pintrest Tuesday!!
This week we have Monogram L! From my Leia's Room board.
I saw this pin while browsing Pintrest and I knew it was perfect for Leia's room.
I want to do a groupings of L's both for Leia and Landon's room.
**monogram wall pic**
Something like this...
You may (or not) remember my veil dilemma and I ultimately decided to make my veil, well I had some beads left over and I thought it would be perfect. I already had the beads, they were pretty and Leia could have something from my wedding in her room!
This pin doesn't have a tutorial and basically goes nowhere. But it's pretty self explanatory... buy the letter, paint it, glue beads on, done. I had all the supplies so this project cost me nothing but time to find all the stuff.
I painted my letter (from Hobby Lobby about $2 I think), make sure you paint were the beads will be too just in case. Then I took some E-6000 and very liberally put it where I wanted my beads. (Tips: do this in a well ventilated area -this stuff is stinky! Also do small sections at a time -it will dry fast and your beads won't stick).
Then just let it dry!

And here it is!!
I like this so much I'm thinking about doing a "H" for the house. I still have some beads left over (I swear these beads are never ending). When I get the rest of the letters done I'll show it off.
Until next week!
Keep pinning and crafting!

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  1. This is cute. My girls might need the same thing for their room.