Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pintrest Tuesday –Privacy Window

Welcome to Pintrest Tuesday
I LOVED this idea from the first time I saw it!
We have two small windows that flank either side of our front door.
They are too small for standard blinds, and curtains just seem weird here.
I needed a way to add some privacy but still let the light in..
This pin is on my
Entry board
I couldn't wait to do this in this house.
I even bought the supplies before we even owned the house.
This is a really good tutorial and has the stencil too. I reduced the stencil to 75% because of my window size. She has some really good tips on her site also.
I was only able to do one side so far. I need to cut out some more and finish it up.
The window is a little difficult to get a good picture.
My only tip is to make sure you are precise on your cutting.
If you’re a little off aligning them can get tricky.
Bella and Leia love to look out the windows and this obstructs their views so they are not so happy about it, but I love it.
Now on to the other side!
Until next week!
Keep pinning and crafting!

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