Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Greatest Show on Earth

Last year when we took Landon to the Circus I wasn't sure if he would love it, hate it, or not care at all. I purchased nose bleed seats just in case he hated it and was scared and didn't want to want it. To my great surprise he LOVED it!!!

His favorite part was the dancing girls.


So, this year I went for the good seats (ok, better seats). We went on opening day so the tickets were half price! Yippie! And again Landon LOVED the Circus! Is favorite part still is the dancing girls!

We even arrived early and were able to go on the floor level and see the animals, clowns, and stage up close. It was very cool. Seeing it all up close was almost better than watching the show from our seats!
My favorite part is the animals. Especially the elephants! It is amazing how they get them to do all that stuff! And a little sad.

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  1. It's hilarious that he likes the dancing girls. Typical boy!