Wednesday, June 9, 2010

When in Rome

On our last and final day in Rome we went for the trifecta. We saw Trevi Fountain, Spanish steps, Pantheon, and Piazza Novana.

We started at the Spanish Steps.

Lots of tourists; basically it was a church at the top of a hill with lots of stairs leading up to it. Not very exciting. I’m sure with a guide telling us the history it would have been more interesting. However, it was just a bunch of steps to other church and another thing to mark off my bucket list.
(I am actually in this picture. Did anyone play "Where's Waldo"?)

Next we saw the Trevi Fountains. Although pictures and describing it to people who haven’t been there makes it seem very uneventful and just another fountain; it was my favorite of the ENTIRE trip! Still not sure why. It was beautiful, huge, and very peaceful. Ironic since there are tons of tourists taking pictures and throwing in coins. But still my favorite!

The Pantheon was awesome! Gianormous!! The outside was pillaged of all it’s splendor but the inside was mostly intact. The Catholics of course took it over and there are some popes and former monarchs buried there. But it gives you a glimpse of what Rome looked like in it’s pagan days and what the Colosseum coulda, woulda, shoulda looked like. AMAZING!!!

Last and certainly least was Piazza Novana. Our tour guide talked it up for the optional excursions like it was some big and great thing to see. We got there and it was two fountains on either side of the piazza (city square –or shopping area) flanked by caf├ęs and pizzerias (restaurants) and people selling paintings in between.

We considered buying a painting for the house but soon realized that all of them were selling almost identical paintings. I really would have wanted an original –especially for the price they wanted – not a mass produced reproduction that I can find in the states! So we didn’t buy one and headed back toward the hotel to do some shopping. (I got me a pair of shoes –of course!)

Italy was definitely our favorite!!! We both agreed that we HAVE to come back some day! The food was fantastic. The sights were amazing. And the people were really nice!

(Nick's favorite restaurant!)

Ciao!! Arrivederci!! Au revoir!!! Cheerio!!!

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